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Police Warn of Fake cops

Police have warned of bogus officers on the prowl to disrupt elections in various parts of the country. Police spokesperson Charles Owino yesterday told a media briefing at the IEBC national election centre in the Bomas of Kenya that the bogus officers were targeting Kibera, Mathare and Kisumu regions. The police spokesperson warned those masquerading as officers of dire consequences. “There are instances we are allowed to use firearms and we may be forced to use them in such cases,” Owino added. According to Owino, the National Police Service has deployed all their officers to the various polling stations across the country; including 7000 senior officers who will supervise the officers in the various regions.

Source Link: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/article-110255/police-warn-fake-cops

Source: The Star Pg 1 & 6

Date: Monday, 04 Mar 2013