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Leaders feal Land Feuds in RIft Valley could fuel Poll Violence

Conflicts over land could drive the Rift Valley region into ethnic violence ahead of next year’s General Election. At the Banita settlement scheme in Rongai District, people have been killed and others barred from farming or building on their land even as various communities fight over the 14,000-hectare parcel. At the Rafiki farm, thousands of land owners are fighting over their rights to settle even as a former owner insists they would have to move out to pave way for new owners. The Kikuyu and other ethnic groups insist allocation must be done equally among all squatters. Rift Valley PC Osman Warfa is categorical that land disputes can be resolved between both parties locally or in a court of law.

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Source: Daily Nation, pg 32

Date: Friday, 19 Oct 2012