Jacqueline Atieno

Never Again


“With the Free and Fair Media program in place, never again shall we ever see a repeat of Kenya’s 2008 post election violence”, says Jacqueline Atieno.


Jacque has joined Internews in Kenya as a Radio Journalism Trainer. Her passion for journalism, her skills in radio production combined with experience will enrich the   program – a comprehensive election related media training line-up. Jacque says the media can play a positive role in information dissemination and as a radio journalism trainer she is looking forward to work towards this reality.


The 2007 election has been much written about, but earlier elections were also difficult for journalists. 

“I remember during the 2002 general elections while I was working with the KBC, I almost lost my life while covering election campaigns in Nairobi’s Dagorreti Constituency”. Jacque says the voters there did not entertain their presence as the KBC was associated with the KANU government that had ruled with an iron hand for over 30 years. They vowed to burh the journalists alive. “Fear gripped us as angry youth surrounded our vehicle, while others went to get petrol to set the car ablaze. We survived by the Grace of God”, says Jacque. One of Jacque’s colleagues then stepped out of the car and in a very calm manner told the angry youth that they were mere employees trying to survive. “We were not being used by the Moi regime. I was terrified and whispered a prayer. But eventually they gave in to our pleas and in a span of two minutes we had disappeared from the vicinity” she recalls.  


Jacque also covered the three Bomas Constitutional Making Conferences. She was a leading journalist at the Serena talks on peace and reconciliation, which came in the wake of the 2007 post election violence. The violence claimed 1,300 lives and left 600,000 people displaced


Jacque Atieno began her journalism voyage in January 2000 at the KBC. In 2005, Jacque joined Feba Radio/Baraka Fm as a senior journalist and features producer. Her passion and love for her work won her a promotion in 2008, when she became a News coordinator at Baraka Fm’s Nairobi Bureau. Here she supervised the news team in Nairobi, and edited and produced feature programs.


Jacque’s ultimate career joy came in 2006 when she won an award for excellence in journalism, in the radio category of the UNESCO Red Ribbon Awards for East and Southern Africa.


Jacque holds a diploma in Mass Communication from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC). She is now pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Nairobi.