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NHIF Drops Meridian, Clinix from New List

The Star, Pg 1 & 8
Saturday, 16 Jun 2012

NHIF acting management has terminated its contracts with Meridian and Clinix. NHIF has forthwith circulated a list of new facilities excluding the two institutions for medical insurance scheme for civil servants and military perso

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Another Season of Scandal as Elections Near

Sunday Nation, Pg 22
Sunday, 10 Jun 2012

There are fears that corruption is rampant at the moment due to politicians fundraising for the elections. The corruption scandals at the NSSF and NHIF have rekindled a perrenial practice in elections. Kenyan politics favors those

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NHIF Allocated Ghost Clinics Cash, Claim MPs

Daily Nation, Pg 2
Thursday, 14 Jun 2012

The Health parliamentary committee has said the NHIF allocated funds to 10 ghost hospitals. These none existent facilities were being put up in some areas late in the day yet allocations had been made months ago. Also, Clinix had

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Police and Anti-Graft Team to Probe NHIF

Daily Nation, Pg 6
Thursday, 07 Jun 2012

DPP Keriako Tobiko has ordered a joint investigation into the alleged irregularities in the NHIF scandal. He has ordered the EACC and police to speed up investigations into the issue and make necessary recommendations to his offic

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AG Asks for Update on Tokyo Scandal Probe

The Standard, Pg 8
Monday, 28 May 2012

The AG has requested the EACC to update him on the investigations into the sh1.54 billion Tokyo scandal. He wants to know the status of the progress made in the questionable purchase of Kenyan diplomatic property. The scandal affe

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Tax Haven may Spill the Beans on NHIF Scam

Daily Nation, Pg 5
Tuesday, 05 Jun 2012

The British Virgin Islands has promised to name the directors of Clinix who are behind the NHIF scandal. Dr. Orlando Smith, the Prime Minister of the islands, promised to help name the directors of Kenya made a request. VP Kalonzo

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Kanu wants Police, EACC to Probe withdrawal of Sh6.5m from Account

The Standard, Pg 7
Friday, 25 May 2012

Kanu wants the police and EACC to investigate alleged irregular withdrawal of sh6.5 million from a party account at a local bank. Kanu has also filed a complaint with the Registrar of Political Parties and the Political Parties Tr

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NHIF Probe Targets Top Officials

Daily Nation, Pg 68
Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Parliamentary Health Committee is investigating the role of top medical services officials in the payment if sh318 million to private healthcare providers. The committee has unearthed major irregularities in the manner in whic

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