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Internews in Kenya | Internews in Kenya :: Local Voices Global Change

Internews in Kenya :: Local Voices Global Change

From the Data Journalism Blog

Why Kenya is falling behind on millenium development goals

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Online News Association launches Kenya’s digital future

                Failed healthcare promises, the human cost of abortion limitations and the need for access to contraceptive to prevent unsafe abortions were some of the big stories in the Nation, the Standard and the Star in November. The journalists who told these stories, delivering the biggest week in Data Journalism Read more

Simple data scraping using online tools

Scraping is a set of techniques required to extract information from various formats like the web, PDFs, or scanned images   into a file type that can be analyzed further, for example into table formats including comma-separated values (csv) or  Microsoft Excel (xls) files. There are online tools/websites that enable users Read more

Letting the numbers tell the story

Many journalists find it difficult to remain objective when covering controversial and sensitive issues like abortions. Internews in Kenya Data Journalism Fellow Mercy Juma, who is a TV journalist at NTV, used an evidence based approach to her story Grave Choices, on unsafe abortions. Her story was also published as a Read more

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